Every human being in the world and in the universe are the children of the same powerful father, Adam, and the same beautiful mother, Eve.

Adam and Eve are the greatest teachers, scholars, and engineers who have taught all truths and realities that existing in the universe to their children.

The greatest common wealth and richness of mankind is that they are descendants of Adam and Eve and are their teachings.

These teachings, which have been passed generatiion to generation have reached the summit point with Noah, Abraham, Moses, David, Jesus, and Muhammad.

This light reaching the summit is the point where the Mankind can understand it better today.

I wish from the Almighty Allah that this Blessed Milestone, which we are experiencing for the time being, cause benefactions for the humanity, the descendants of Adam and Eve, and for the Universe.

Mankind has to unite in the greatest beauty, richness and power "Being Human".

Human beings have no beauty, power and wealth other than being "One and United".

With my love and respect

Halil Coşkun BEYOĞLU 22/03/2015