As it is known, the world of Christianity and its peoples suffered substantially from bigotry and ignorance.

The Holy Scripture that was in Latin was translated into the languages of the peoples after 1400 years and the reform and renaissance period started in Europe.

The reform and renaissance of the religion of Islam started with Mustafa Kemal ATATURK in the World.

The Quran was translated into Turkish for the first time.

Friday khutba started to be recited in Turkish.

Divinity Schools started to be inaugurated to educate religious functionaries. After 1300 years, Muslim Turkish People started to understand the Quran they read and the khutba they hear.

Namaz (Prayer-Salat) Patent – is one step continuation of the theology revolutions of Mustafa Kemal ATATURK, our Exalted Predecessor.

Muslim Turkish People and Turkish World that started to understand the Quran they read after 1300 years will start to understand the real value of Namaz it has performed for 1436 years.

Humanity will find the opportunity to watch the Visual Divinity Shows based in Istanbul, which will be started to be applied in the entire World, just like a dream.

What befits the progeny of our Exalted Predecessor, Mustafa Kemal ATATURK is to understand Him in the best way.

With my love and respect

H. Coşkun BEYOĞLU 02/04/2015